Diwali resonates so many things in my mind. When I was younger, I should say “small” to be honest, for me, it meant lights and firecrackers. With my brothers, I used to go the shop and buy crackers and on the day, light them and sometimes used to get injured as well. Years passed, then, slowly, I realized something more…

Diwali is not only related to lights, candles/lamps or fireworks. It is what I call as “CELEBRATION”. It is a celebration of life!!! People buy new clothes, distribute sweets, offer prayers, light candles, decorate homes, cook delicious food and most importantly, celebrate life!! We do call Diwali as a “festival” as well and in earnest, it is a festival, which is celebrated!!

When you ask someone as to what is Diwali….people will say, it symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance” …etc

But, I would again reiterate that it is a “celebration”!! Diwali actually originated from the Indian subcontinent and is celebrated every autumn in the northern hemisphere and spring in southern hemisphere. Although Diwali is more synonymous with Hindus, it is also celebrated by Jains, Sikhs. I would rather stop here and say, “mankind” celebrates it!!

Over the years, I have found Diwali to overshadow the religious aspects. Although, there are religious elements to Diwali, but it is the “celebration” which in itself has thrown away the religious boundaries. It has brought the mankind together and as such enabled us humans to rediscover togetherness, love, compassion, more importantly, realize that our life is a “celebration”

Diwali, over a period of years have actually evolved in this modern era. As a celebration, it has “globalized” itself across regions and countries. It has become very symbolic to our festivities. You don’t have to be in India celebrating this magnanimous celebration of life!!!!

It is a true global celebration spread across the world. For the people of Scotland, what more can be better!! Diwali is being celebrated here since past 3 years and this years Diwali is on 3rd Nov. Don’t go any further, enjoy the festivities and “Celebrate the GRAND CELEBRATION” HAPPY DIWALI!!

For full details of the Edinburgh Diwali celebrations go to http://www.edinburghdiwali.co.uk

Abhijit Chakraborty,
Board Member – Edinburgh Diwali 
Edinburgh, UK

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